When looking for an Orthodontist, remember you are not paying for braces or the appliances used. They are merely tools. You are paying for the knowledge and experience of the doctor to be able to manipulate the teeth, jaw, roots and muscle to help create a beautiful SMILE! Dr. Mitchell has been doing this for over 30 years and uses the latest technology including AcceleDent Aura. You can't get much better than that!!

We have several options to make braces affordable for anyone. We accept most insurance plans and can accomodate those who do not have insurance as well.  

Also keep in mind that in our area, there are very few orthodontist who are in the office more than 2 days a week. We are here 4 days a week and available when you need us!  

One of our best features is "LOW wait time!" We get you in and out.  Outside the first few visits and the occasional really busy day... you barely have a chance to sit down before they call you back.